Nintendo plans to redesign and launch classic Mario games this year


This year marks the 35th anniversary of the launch of the Super Mario Bros game, where Nintendo can celebrate its main legacy in a distinctive way, as the company is said to be developing many of the Mario games it seeks to launch this year, including the reformulated versions of some classic old games , Including (Super Mario Sunshine) of 2002, (Super Mario 64) of 1997 and (Super Mario Galaxy) of 2007.

According to the American engadget website, while many Old Mario games are already available on console With NES and SNES Switch Online services, Nintendo plans to redesign “most” of the old Mario catalog, according to Video Games Chronicle.

The games include Super Mario Galaxy and a premium version of Super Mario 3D World, while recent reports indicate some additional levels, and a new Paper Mario game is also said to be under development, along with a re-release of Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine.

It appears that Nintendo aims to unveil its annual plans for the 35th anniversary of Super Mario at the E3 event, but this offer will not happen this year due to concerns related to the Corona virus, and instead, Nintendo may issue its ads through a digital display.

Although Nintendo’s main field of business is gaming and selling games, in recent years it has switched to benefiting from intellectual property in various ways, and in November 2019 it opened its new store (Nintendo Tokyo), and the Super Nintendo World Park was to be opened. Entertaining this summer.


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