Neymar wanted revenge on Halland


Markinius: Neymar wanted revenge on Halland

Paris St Germain defender Marcinius confirmed that his Brazilian compatriot Neymar wanted to take revenge against Earling Hall at the price of the Champions League final.

“He loves confrontation,” Marcinius said in comments highlighted by the Spanish newspaper “AS”. He is not just a footballer, he is not afraid and always responds to provocations.

He added: “He always likes to respond to this kind of provocation and asked him to calm down and leave such matters after the game after the goal, but he told me not to stand in his way.”

He concluded: “After the first leg, they went out in Borussia Dortmund and said some things after they won the confrontation, and they also celebrated and screamed in the dressing room.”

It is worth noting that Paris Saint-Germain succeeded in overcoming Borussia Dortmund after returning in the result after the team was two goals behind in the first leg.


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