Newspapers secrets on Thursday, April 16, 2020


The general: secrets

Employees complain of organizing records of seizure, due to going out to work, especially in banks, which are exempted by a decision from the cabinet from closure, provided that the concerned minister is concerned with the procedures, but the instructions for the patrols have either not arrived or …?

Contrary to what was reported, an Arab tourism establishment informed the relevant ministry that it had suspended work at the hotel it owned for two months, including salaries for employees and employees.

The relationship is passing through between a senior official and a senior cash official, on historical and perhaps political backgrounds!

Building: mysteries and scenes

Financial sources said that three pivotal steps were absent from the governmental financial plan, which is the commitment to reduce imports from $ 20 billion to 10 billion through customs and tax procedures and the allocation of loans in Lebanese pounds at 1% equivalent to $ 1 billion annually for agricultural projects and related industries, alternative to import and the structure of the government real estate sector The private insurance is equivalent to one billion dollars annually.


Global health sources revealed that 90% of the equipment and medicines that are traded commercially between countries in the face of Corona are of Chinese industrial origin, even if they are under European or American industrial names. She said that half of the laboratories and laboratories for medicines and vaccines for international companies are in China.

The call of home: anonymity

Diplomatic circles confirmed last night the death of two Lebanese citizens of a community in one of the European countries as a result of being infected with the Corona virus.

A veteran political figure commented on President Diab’s visit to President Al-Hoss by saying: “Two forty government models are created from the likeness of one school titled“ Do not work, do not go wrong. ”

Communications Minister Talal Hawat asserts in his councils that he is convinced that it is inevitable to move forward in recovering the management of the cellular sector.

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