News and Reports – Secondly, Saudi Arabia … the latest Corona pandemic statistics in the Middle East today, Saturday evening


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia came second in the latest statistics of the Corona pandemic in the countries of the Middle East, according to the World Health Organization. The total number of cases infected with corona in Saudi Arabia as of Saturday evening was 8274 confirmed cases, while the number of deaths rose to 92, and 1,329 recovered.

Iran continues to win first place with a total of 80,868 cases, 5031 deaths, and about 56,000 cases of recovery.

Pakistan comes third with 7,638 injuries and 143 deaths, while the number of recovering cases reached 1832.

Fourth in the United Arab Emirates, with a total of 6,302 injuries, 37 deaths, and 1,188 cases of recovery.

Fifth in Qatar, with a total of 5008 injuries, 8 deaths, and 510 recoveries.

Egypt, Morocco, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Iraq came respectively, while Yemen remains the first in the world with the number of casualties, praise be to God.


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