News 24 | With a capital of 500 million riyals .. The Minister of “Human Resources” launches the “Community Fund” to mitigate the effects of “Corona”


Ahmed Al-RajhiThe Minister of Human Resources and Social Development, Ahmed Al-Rajhi, inaugurated the community fund to mitigate the effects of the “Corona” epidemic, in partnership with the General Authority of Endowments, and a number of related authorities.

The fund aims to enhance national participation in crises and disasters, support government efforts in mitigating the effects of this epidemic, and mobilize community efforts and direct them towards societal needs and priorities at this stage.

The capital of the fund is 500 million riyals; the General Authority of Endowments contributed 100 million riyals, and the Ministry of Human Resources 50 million riyals, while endowments, private institutions and some companies contributed 50 million riyals.

The Awqaf Authority said in a statement issued today, that participation invitations will be sent to donor institutions, businessmen and individuals to achieve the target of the fund’s capital, and to enhance community participation from the sons and daughters of the country.

The fund aims to finance a set of community-based initiatives and projects to support the groups most in need and those most affected by this epidemic, from the poor, people with disabilities, widows and divorced women, families of prisoners, the elderly, owners of small occupations, affected workers, students in need, and who are coming to the Kingdom for Umrah or visiting and others.


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