News 24 | Video .. The Red Crescent for non-emergency contacts: Your connection may deprive a person of his health or lose the family of one of its members


pictureThe Saudi Red Crescent has sent an awareness message about the type of communication they receive, so that some of its non-emergency contacts do not deprive others who may be in urgent need of help.

And the “Commission” published in an awareness video clip entitled: “Think about the caller after you” samples of some of the calls to the operations room (997) that are non-urgent and unnecessary and are not primarily within the jurisdiction of the Red Crescent.

She explained that such contacts are repeated on a daily basis, and cause their inability to receive important and urgent communications from people in need of urgent assistance.

And she showed that during the past week she received more than 160 thousand calls, compared to 40,000 calls only in the same period last year, noting that this increase does not reflect the increase in emergency situations, because 65% of these calls are far from emergency cases.

She concluded her letter by stressing that every person who called without an emergency, was the reason for delaying the receipt of a serious communication that required urgent intervention, pointing out that one non-emergency communication may lose the family of one of its members or deprive an injured of his health for the rest of his life.


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