News 24 | Video .. “Surveillance and Investigation Speaker” explains how the judge involved in the bribery and influence exploitation case was revealed


Control and Investigation CommissionThe official spokesperson for the Oversight and Investigation Authority, Ahmed Al-Hussein, revealed new details in the case of the judge who was involved with his brother, the officer, businessmen and a lawyer, on bribery charges, exploiting job influence, money laundering, and seizing public money.

Al-Hussein said in an intervention on Al-Arabiya channel on how to uncover those involved, that the commission received a number of reports that one of the judges asked for bribes from some of the people whose cases were considered in exchange for breaching his job duties.

He added that, according to the authority, the commission verified these reports and conducted the required investigations, and those involved in the case were arrested, and the judge was arrested after coordination with the Supreme Judicial Council, and they all confessed to the accusations that were attributed to them.

He emphasized that what the judge has done is individual behavior that does not represent the integrity, competence and justice of the judges in the Kingdom, valuing the role of the Supreme Judicial Council and the Ministry of Justice in permanent coordination in a manner that protects the independence of the judiciary and not affecting the judges in their actions.


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