News 24 | Video: A Saudi surgeon in France removes a brain tumor of a Gulf woman after her French doctor refused the operation because of “Corona”


Brain tumor The Saudi surgeon at Colmar Hospital in France, Dr. Hani Al-Juhani, succeeded in removing the brain tumor of a young Gulf woman, after her French doctor refused to perform the operation in this period due to the Corona pandemic.

Dr. Hani Al-Juhani said that the young woman had epilepsy due to a massive brain tumor at the anterior bottom of the skull attached to the main brain arteries, and the embassy of her country brought her to Paris for the most famous professor in the skull bottom tumors in the largest center of brain surgery to perform the operation.

Al-Juhani added, after the girl had completed all the tests and a little before the operation was scheduled, the professor told them that it is impossible to perform this operation in France, neither he nor anyone else because of the Corona virus, and asked them to return to their country and return after several months.

He pointed out that the girl’s embassy and her family contacted Al-Juhani after the French doctor insisted on refusing to agree to conduct the operation despite his presence in the most affected and isolated region due to Corona, where the operation was successful.

Al-Juhani published a video documenting the girl’s difficult situation before, during and after the operation, as he demonstrated the success of the operation despite its difficulty and the girl’s response to his instructions less than an hour after the procedure.


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