News 24 | The Ministry of Health delivers medicines to patients at home via Saudi Post for free


pictureThe Ministry of Health signed a memorandum of understanding with the Saudi Post, with the aim of delivering medicines to the homes of patients of some hospitals, at no charge.

This comes to help keep citizens and residents in their homes for the sake of their health and safety, in light of the precautionary measures taken by the Ministry of Health to prevent the new Corona virus (Covid 19) and prevent its spread.

The memorandum includes the Saudi Post to ensure that the medicine is delivered free of charge to patients of four hospitals affiliated with the Ministry of Health, namely: King Salman Hospital in Riyadh, the Maternity and Children Hospital in Dammam, King Fahd Specialist Hospital in Buraidah, and the Maternity and Children Hospital in Al-Ahsa.

The mechanism works to receive the hospital’s external pharmacy, the patient’s prescriptions. After examination and confirmation, the approved prescription is filled, so that each patient’s prescriptions are collected separately, and then the patient is contacted and informed that the medicines are shipped by Saudi Post to the national address.


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