News 24 | Sources: Re-estimating the compensation of the real estate expropriated in favor of the road of Abha Road


ExpressiveSources reported the issuance of the approval of the higher authorities on the recommendations, which were submitted by the supervisory committee, formed to follow up the issue of overestimating the value of compensation for expropriated properties in favor of the first stage of the northern red road project for the Abha-Khamis Mushayt Road (Bani Malik Road).

Sources indicated, according to the newspaper “Okaz”, that the supervisory committee recommended that the signature of a delegate of one of the ministries in the Asir region be referred to the minutes of re-estimating one of the expropriated properties, to the Supervision and Anti-Corruption Authority; to complete its affairs in accordance with the regulations and instructions.

The committee also recommended, according to sources, to form a central committee from the main headquarters to re-estimate the value of the properties expropriated according to Article (7) of the system of expropriating real estate for the public benefit, and to place a temporary hand on the property, taking into account what was stated in Article (3) of it regarding deduction of the statutory percentage To implement major road networks or for planning benefit.

It is worth noting that last year a committee comprising 5 supervisory bodies was formed to investigate the existence of an exaggeration in the value of compensation for expropriated real estate for the aforementioned road project, after an employee at the branch of the Ministry of Transport in the Asir region discovered a suspicion of corruption related to setting high estimates of the prices of 22 properties removed for the project , And the price per square meter is estimated at 1,700 riyals, with a compensation value of about 464 million riyals.


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