News 24 | Sometimes pulling and pulling, butter on honey. Learn about the stations of Balamari’s relationship with Al-Shabab


Jamal BalamariThe sporting fans are witnessing during the current period the development of the relationship between the Algerian youth club defender Jamal Belamri and his club, which has been witnessing cases of attraction and tension, so sometimes the relationship becomes fattest on honey between the two sides and then returns to the crisis again.

The first stop of tension was Balamari’s relationship with his club, which he contracted for two seasons in 2016, when he refused to enter training on August 17, 2017, demanding to improve his salary, as he then threatened to leave, and after two days of this incident the player was injured, to be absent from Stadiums for a whole month.

The relationship continued to fatten up on honey and did not witness the turbidity of its class, but the tone of his absence from the training returned again on November 20, 2019, where he was absent without prior permission, to increase it on the second day by taking out the name of the youth from “Instagram”, to address the crisis and return to participate With colleagues in the exercises.

However, Balamari returned again and missed the training, on November 28, 2019, to return on the second day of training, then on the 3rd of December 2019 he apologized to the administration, and on December 11 he increased by stressing his respect for his contract with Al-Shabab in recognition of the youth club’s preferences.

The most recent of these crises between the Algerian and his club when the former last Saturday (Saturday) published exciting messages on “Instagram” revealed the existence of a crisis between him and the youth management, and the messages: “Tobbagi, get out of the club in your usual way, no God.”


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