News 24 | “Passports” announces the extension of “visitor ID” for Yemeni residents and invites them to request their delivery via “Absher”


PassportsThe General Directorate of Passports announced today (Wednesday) the extension of a “visitor identity” for Yemeni brothers residing in the Kingdom.

Passports stated that the initiative includes Yemeni residents who meet the conditions of service, as their identities have been extended until 21/9 / 1441H.

She urged Yemeni residents to recover the amount paid for the delay in renewing the identity, and to request the printing and delivery of the identity through the Absher platform within the next 48 hours.

On April 8th, the Directorate announced that it had begun, in cooperation with the National Information Center, to implement the procedures for requests to extend the “visitor identity” granted to Yemeni brothers residing in the Kingdom who were regular in renewing previous periods.


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