News 24 | Most of them are medical personnel .. Details of the injury of the 6 cases that “Health” announced registering in Jizan


ExpressiveSources said that the cases of the new “Corona” virus, “Covid 19”, which the Ministry of Health announced during the past 24 hours in Jizan, are of a doctor, 3 nurses, and cleaners.

She explained that among the injured are two cases in a boy of two nurses working in a private clinic, and they were in contact with a previous patient, and it was decided to close the clinic as a precaution. As for the cases that were recorded by Samtah province, it is for a doctor of Arab nationality, cleaners, and a nurse working in a hospital.

In a related context, sources said, according to “Al-Watan” that “Jazan Health” issued a decision to exempt the medical director, the director of nursing, and the head of infection control in Samtah Hospital, due to the deficiency in dealing with cases infected with “Corona” virus.

The Ministry of Health announced today 429 new cases of coronavirus, in addition to 7 deaths and 41 recoveries, for a total of 761 recovered cases.


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