News 24 | Ministry of Interior: Allow communication representatives affiliated with the Communications Commission applications to operate 24 hours


The interiorAn official source at the Ministry of Interior stated that it was previously announced on 14/8/1441 AH, to allow the application of catering services – except for mobile vehicles, party restaurants and banquet kitchens – to external requests through delivery requests or its own fleet, taking into account health requirements approved by the competent authorities until now. 10 pm in all regions of the Kingdom.

He added that the Ministry confirms the validity of permitting all delivery representatives affiliated with the applications registered with the Communications and Information Technology Commission to operate in all regions of the Kingdom over a 24-hour period. It is required to carry an active electronic business card and does not require the presentation of a paper scene for that.

The source pointed out that the channels to object to the curfews violations by submitting an objection request through the “Absher” platform.


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