News 24 | Marsel blows a surprise about Petros


picture Sports critic and journalist Abdulaziz Al-Mursel blew a surprisingly large surprise about the departure of Brazilian Petros from victory next summer.

Al-Mursel revealed through statements on the sports harvest program broadcast on the 24 sports channel that a major club competing with Al-Nasr entered into intensive negotiations during the next few days, with Petros, to sign them next summer.

He pointed out that this club’s negotiations with the Brazilian star came through a super player, who himself took the attempt to persuade Petros to leave victory.

Al-Mursel explained that this club, through its negotiations to annex Petros, was surprised that Al-Nasr did the renewal clause of the Brazilian star’s contract for two years until 2022.

He added that the Al Nasr Club board of directors, headed by Safwan Al Swaiket, is awaiting the right moment, in order to officially announce the renewal of Petros’ contract, and to delight the fans of the World.


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