News 24 | Khalil Al-Rawaf is the first Saudi to arrive in America and appear in her films .. Thus, he met his son “Nawaf” after 40 years (video)


The late Khalil Al-RawafThe program “The Late” was shown on “Gulf Rotana” channel by the writer Khalil Al-Rawaf, who was the first Saudi to arrive in the United States and reside and practice various activities, until it appeared in American films that were portrayed in Hollywood in which he represented the character of the Arab man.

He explained that the late multi-talented man, who died at the age of 105, traveled to 4 continents, and his life story witnessed an important part of the history of the Kingdom and the transformations of Arab societies, as his memoirs revealed his suffering and cultural alienation in America, and details of Saudi diplomacy and its success abroad.

Khalil Al-Rawaf left his son “Nawaf” from his second American wife behind him in the United States, until his nephew Othman Al-Rawaf succeeded in finding him after changing his name to “Clive”, and he was a soldier in the American army. Al-Rawaf met his son with his mother in 1991 AD, after he lost it for a long time.

Othman Al-Rawaf narrated how he found “Nawwaf”, or “Clive”, after his mother misled him and told him that his father is from Russia, and later informed him of his father’s name “Al-Rawaf” before he actually met him in a hotel in America, in touching moments, in which the father embraced his son for the first time Once after 40 years.


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