News 24 | Justinia in response to Al-Harifi’s tweet …


Justinia in response to Al-Harifi's tweet ...Former Al-Nasr player Fahd Al-Harifi posted an old video of him that included an arbitration error in one of the matches according to his vision, where he sent a message to Saad Rabia, the referee of the match at the time, according to the former player of victory in the responses.

Al-Harifi uploaded the video through his official account on Twitter and commented on him, saying: God does not analyze you and does not permit you to pass this ruling. I remind him of Zain in more than one game that was lost by the goalkeeper. He inserted his butt in my thigh.

He added, “Whoever remembers the match, after which he was injured, is now shown on Saudi TV.”

For his part, sports critic Adnan Jastaneh commented on Al-Harifi’s tweet, saying, “Yes, Abu Sultan will ask you to demand the return of Saudi rule.”

He continued, “Abu Nasser said on a media occasion,” They sold the case, “he follows their revelation and comforted them, and here I am not generalizing, but some of them, but some of them ruined the good people and insulted them and their reputation.”


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