News 24 | Hundreds of workers moved to schools in the Eastern Region to avoid Corona (video)


From the videoThe Eastern Region Municipality has started implementing the initiative that it announced two days ago from using private schools in the area as residential housing for migrant workers.

The spokesman for the Eastern Region Municipality, Muhammad Al-Sufyan, confirmed that hundreds of workers have moved to some schools chosen by the region’s secretariat, in order to take advantage of the curfew period, and that these schools are free of students.

Al-Sufyan added, in TV statements to the channel “mbc”, that the choice of schools came according to the proximity to the work areas, indicating that they are equipped with the required services, and have been sterilized, and the labor is subject to a medical examination during entry and exit from the school, and 3 workers were distributed for each chapter.

It is worth noting that this initiative started last Friday, with 15 schools, in the cities of Khobar, Dhahran and Dammam, and extends to 8 major governorates in the eastern region, and the initiative focuses on cleaning workers, where it comes after the monitoring of Corona injuries in the housing of expats.


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