News 24 | “Human Resources” announces the terms and conditions of the initiative to enable expatriates whose contracts have expired to leave permanently


ExpressiveThe Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development announced the regulations and conditions of the initiative, which it revealed today, to enable expatriates whose contracts expired to leave permanently to their countries exceptionally.

She explained that the initiative includes that the establishment submit an application to leave its workforce under the current exceptional circumstances that led to the suspension of international flights, where the request is studied with the ministry and responds with approval or rejection.

She added that the service is available to the representative of the establishment which has the authority, and it is for existing facilities only, and is available for expatriate workers whose condition is “on the job”, and all the workers required to leave them are included in one application, entering the worker data and agreeing to a declaration that includes several items.

She pointed out that those items are the issuance of a final exit visa, termination of the worker’s rights and obligations, a medical examination, cooperation with the Ministry of Health in the event of symptoms that prevent the travel of the worker, purchase of travel tickets, delivery of the worker to the travel station and confirmation of his travel.

It is noteworthy that the initiative is based on concern for the humanitarian needs and requirements of the residents, and in response to the wishes of some of them to return to their countries, especially in light of the conditions experienced by all countries due to the precautionary measures of the Corona pandemic.


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