News 24 | Fahd Al Habashi tells the story of injustice that caused him to get away from football


pictureThe former Al-Hilal player, Fahd Al-Habashi, told the story of the injustice he suffered in the cooperation match, which caused his decision to stay away from football and the sports community.

Al-Habashi said, during the “Wink” program on the “Gulf Rotana” channel, that the Hilal team was exposed to injustice in the old days, stressing that he left football after the suspension in front of Al-Taawun Club.

Al-Habashi explained: “Although the suspension was lifted from me, I decided to stop playing football, and I felt that Al-Hilal was being targeted, and that is not from the current time.”

He continued: “I was able to continue giving despite the weight gain, and I decided not to return as long as the conditions were like this in which I was wronged.”


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