News 24 | “Al-Kalbani” responds to his attackers because of his fatwa that it is permissible to sing .. and explains whether he can withdraw it (video)


ArchivesThe imam and preacher of the Al-Muhaisen Mosque in Riyadh, Sheikh Adel Al-Kalbani, responded to the accusations made by some regarding him leading the fatwa without being authorized to do so, along with the extent of the possibility of retracting his saying that it is permissible to sing if time comes back.

Al-Kalbani said that his accusation that he was not worthy of the fatwa was brought before him because of his opinion about the ruling on singing, but he considers himself imitating some scholars and imams on the issue of singing analysis, just as some sheikhs imitate other scholars on the issue of prohibition, so he is surprised by the fact that analysis is a fatwa and prohibition is not a fatwa.

He added during a meeting with “Al-Liwan” program on “Rotana Khaleeji” channel, that some of those who strictly prohibit singing are psychological insistence and are not related to Sharia, indicating that no one can consider singing as a major sin, and that many scholars who have fulfilled his prohibition consider it small Minor.

He stressed that he would not back down on his fatwa regarding singing even if time came back, noting that this fatwa spread after years of saying it without trying to publish it.


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