News 24 | Al-Ain settles the controversy over its star’s transition to Al-Hilal


pictureMajid Al Owais, a member of the board of directors of the Emirates Club, revealed the truth about the rumors about the negotiation of Al-Hilal to include the Congolese striker Lapa Kudjo.

Al Owais said, according to “Sport 360”, that Al Ain has not received any offers from Al Hilal or others to purchase a Laba Kudjo contract, explaining that the administration does not close the door to serious offers.

Al-Owais added: “As for Kudjo, no official offer has been received for him, and if this happens, the matter will be discussed in the interest of the club and the player together.”

The name of Lapa Kudjo was associated with the move to Al Hilal during the last period to compensate for the possible departure of Pavitembi Gomez at the end of the season, especially since the Congolese are younger and provide a good level with Al Ain, as he is the top scorer in the UAE league today.


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