News 24 | A young man in Abu Arish exploits the period of the home stone and turns his room into a painting. This is his story (video)


pictureA young man from Abu Areesh governorate in Jazan took advantage of the period of home stone to develop his skill in drawing, and to transform his room for artistic painting.

The youth, Yahya Sawadi, drew drawings of some figures on the walls of his room, including the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the artist Mohammed Abdo, and the Egyptian artist Umm Kulthum.

The youth Sawadi explained in an intervention on the “Al-Rased” program on “Al-Ikhbaria” channel, that the curfew period is long and he uses it to do two drawings per day, indicating that his mother encourages him to continue to do so.

He noted that his talent for drawing was developed by “YouTube”, indicating that the drawings that he performs during that period are chosen through the voting of his followers with “Snapchat”.


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