News 24 | A spokesman for “General Security” explains the mechanism to object to curfews


Colonel Sami Al-ShwerikhThe spokesperson for the General Security, Brigadier General Sami Al-Shwerikh, explained the mechanism of objecting to the violations recorded during the validity of the curfew, after receiving questions about them during the last period.

And that there are work teams formed in the regions of the Kingdom from the relevant field security sectors in addition to the departments concerned with public security, and that a body has been established called the Commission to adjudicate violations of curfews, calling on those who have objection to violations to resort to this body to consider the violation and study the objection.

Al-Shuwaikh appealed, during the daily press conference, about the developments of the Corona virus – everyone not to go out in the period of permitting roaming, except for those who have an urgent need that already requires transmission, touring or shopping, and a commitment to stay at home.


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