News 24 | A player in Al-Faisaly calls for reducing the salaries of foreign players only .. and explains the reason (video)


Khaled Al-GhamdiAl-Faisaly club player Khaled Al-Ghamdi demanded that the decision to reduce players ’wages by 50% during the Corona pandemic be applied to foreign players only, and to reconsider its application to Saudi players.

Al-Ghamdi explained that foreign players have wages ranging between one and three million riyals, and their contracts are exaggerated compared to the Saudi players, some of whom earn 50,000 riyals a month or less.

He added in his meeting with “Al-Douri with Walid” program on “SBC” channel, that although the decision is temporary, no one knows when this pandemic will end, which will often be prolonged, calling for reconsidering the decision in the interest of the Saudi players.


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