News 24 | A crisis threatens “Al-Ahly” because of the “Baeza” deal funds


picturePress reports revealed that Al-Ahly club is required to pay $ 1.75 million to Chilean Colo Club, the second installment of the transfer of Claudio Baeza to the club.

“Redgol,” according to Sport 360, said: “When coach Pablo Guidi, Colo Colo, left and took charge of Al Ahly, he strengthened his team with his former players Paulo Diaz and Claudio Baeza.”

The website added that Al-Ahly Club still owes the second installment of the Baeza deal, which should have been paid in July 2019, and was not paid.

He explained that the deal was $ 3.5 million in two installments, each of $ 1.75 million in installments. Al-Ahly has not paid the second installment yet.

The site pointed out that the Colo Colo club is waiting impatiently for this amount in light of the severe financial crisis afflicting the Chilean club.

Al-Ahly had included Bawza in January 2019 from the Chilean colo colo, but it did not adapt to the team, as it only participated in 12 games, made a single goal, and moved to Mexico’s Nicasaka until June 2023.


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