New Ford F-150 pickup giant – accessories – statement cars – latest news


Some sites and web pages have leaked pictures and information about the large F-150 pickup that Ford is expected to reveal soon.

Looking at the pictures, we notice that the design of the new car is somewhat similar to the design of the F-150, which was introduced last year, but the front end became different, and the shape of the grille cover grids differed, and the lights installed on it became narrower and operate with LED technology.

As for the photos that were leaked to the cabin of this car, it turned out that it came with a new driving interface, with two screens, one opposite the driver, and another in the fair, approximately 10 inches in touch.

The car also changed the shapes of the ventilation systems for the air conditioning systems, the design of the steering wheel, and the design of the buttons for controlling the multimedia and driving systems.

This vehicle will likely launch several types of engines, a 6-cylinder engine with a capacity of 3.3 liters, a 6-cylinder turbocharged engine with a capacity of 2.7 liters, and a 3-liter turbocharged engine, according to “Russia Today”.

A modified version may come with a large 8-cylinder engine of 5.2 liters, similar to the engine installed on Mustang GT500 cars with torque equivalent to 750 horsepower.



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