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A new design for the fitness application, Google “Fit”, today Monday 13 April 2020 01:10 pm

Google has announced a design update for the popular fitness app for Android and Apple iOS devices, as well as the Wear OS, as the American company is focusing on the new design on the broken steps. The company pointed out that the time spent by the user in moving has become less important in the new update, and instead the focus is on the steps taken, in addition to that the new application is characterized by a brighter design, vitality and strength, and here are some of the new functions in the version dedicated to Apple iPhone phones .The new version of the Google Fit app helps achieve health and fitness goals, and it also records heart points and daily steps, and when the user achieves his daily goal, it will be celebrated in a new and fun way.

The application is now abundant with a new design in brighter and more vibrant colors, and the user also receives important information from the World Health Organization about avoiding infection with the Corona virus.

The American company confirmed that the Google Fit application is currently available for Apple iPhone phones, and will be launched on smartphones equipped with Google Android and smart watches equipped with Wear OS during the next few days.

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