New date for the Tour of France between 29 August and 20 September (official)


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Paris (AFP)

The International Cycling Federation announced Wednesday that the tour of France, which was scheduled between 27 June and 19 July, has been changed to 29 August and 20 September due to the outbreak of the Corona virus.

The transfer of the “Tour de France” date, which will not take place in July for the first time since the Second World War, was inevitable after French President Emmanuel Macron’s decision Monday evening to extend the closure and stone until May 11, and ban gatherings of all kinds until mid-July Because of the spread of “Covid-19”.

The Tour de France had not been established at this late summer time since its inception in 1903, but keeping it in place of abolishing it in light of the continued outbreak of the Corona virus is a source of relief if it is for riders, their teams or fans.

Certainly, the establishment of the Tour, in its 107th edition, outside the traditional calendar and timing at the height of the summer, will reduce the volume of public attendance, which usually amounts to approximately 12 million people over the three weeks of the race, which starts as usual from Nice and concludes on the Champs Elysées in the capital, Paris .

In its meeting on Wednesday, the International Federation also announced the extension of the suspension of competitions for an additional month until the first of July in light of the continuing spread of “Covid-19” which caused chaos in the calendar of sports events around the world, and caused the postponement or cancellation of most of them, most notably the Tokyo Olympics and the Cup Europe football, who were deported to the summer of 2021, along the lines of the Copa América of South American national football teams.

By delaying the French tour until the new date, the Spanish “Vuelta” tour, which was scheduled between August 14 and September 6, will be affected automatically, and it will move to a later date, according to race director Javier Guillen, who told the Spanish media on Wednesday, saying “Let’s be clear on this issue.” , The + Voelta + and + Tor + races will not take place at the same time. ”

And the Corona virus has caused the postponement of the first big cruise for this season, which is the Italian “Giro” which was scheduled between 9 and 31 May, and it is assumed that this summer will take place between the rafts of France and Spain, according to what the International Cycling Federation indicated Wednesday, without specifying any dates for the two races. .


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