New amendments to the arbitration law


The International Football Association Board of Directors has issued many important amendments to the Football Arbitration Law that will be applied in the beginning of next July, which means that they can be applied in the current football season upon its resumption, as well as at the beginning of the next football season, all of which are arbitration laws pertaining to referees. The match ends with a draw and resorting to penalty shootouts, all warnings that players have obtained are not respected when resorting to penalty shootouts, and if the defender plays the ball in his hand deliberately and goes to the opponent in an offside position the game continues and is not offside, any interference that prevents a promising opportunity or scoring a goal The interfering player receives a yellow card, and the player who does not abide by a distance of four meters is awarded when the referee drops the ball.

Also, the goalkeeper who executes a free kick or a goal kick and then touches the ball with his hand before any other player touches it and that leads to stopping a promising attack is punished with a yellow card, and if he prevents the opportunity of a achieved goal he gets a red card.

Also, if the arbiter decides to allow the opportunity or allow a speedy free kick after an attempt to prevent a promising opportunity to score, it is not declared yellow card for the player who tried to prevent the opportunity.


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