Netflix announces The Last Dance show


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Posted Date: Wednesday, 1 April 2020 – 14:13 | Last update: Wednesday, April 1 2020 – 14:15

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        Netflix has announced the release of the series "The Last Dance" starting April 20 with two episodes each week, in addition to its presentation in the United States via ESPN.<p>The series is directed by Jason Hehr, director of The Fab Five and Andre the Giant, and is made up of 10 episodes that monitors Michael Jordan and Chicago Bulls for the NBA sixth title in 1998, the series produced by Mandalay Sports Media in cooperation with NBA Entertainment and Jump 23.

The series documents the story of one of the legends and most successful teams in the history of sport, Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls in the 1990s. The series includes footage never before seen from the 1997/98 season when the team was seeking to achieve its sixth title in the popular NBA Championship in 8 years.

In the fall of 1997, Michael Jordan, club president Jerry Rinsdorf and coach Phil Jackson agreed to allow NBA Entertainment’s crew to accompany the team throughout the season, and the result was an impressive record of the legendary player and famous team, records that are revealed for the first time Now more than twenty years later in The Last Dance.

As the series continues to display the tumultuous season of 1997-1998, it will move viewers through time to see how it all began, starting from the roots of Michael Jordan’s childhood, the poor conditions that the Bulls team was going through before Jordan arrived, and how the team was built after joining in 1984, Besides the struggles and challenges that led to the team winning the first NBA title, while the series takes viewers on a journey to showcase the team’s first five tournaments, they will see in detail the challenges, struggles and victories achieved by players off the field, which were part of the phenomenon achieved by Jordan and the Bulls, which changedEverything after that.

There is an unexpected scenario that creates a stunning background for the hidden story events of the 1998 title search trip, and viewers will follow it along with the team members and Jordan colleagues who will display many details of their lives and personalities such as Scotty Pippen, Dennis Rodman, Steve Kerrer and artistic director Phil Jackson, along with meetings from Current time with competitors and leaders of the basketball world and other fields.

“Michael Jordan and the Bulls team in the 1990s were not only stars in the sports world, but they were a global phenomenon, and the making of” The Last Dance “series was an amazing opportunity to explore the tremendous impact a single man could have with his team. For about 3 years, We searched for every detail in which we could present the true and integrated story of symbols that set the features of an entire historical period, and that we present these athletes as human beings. I hope that the viewers will enjoy the series just as we enjoyed the wonderful opportunity to produce it. ”

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