Neslihan Atagul reveals the truth of the jealousy of Afghans and their disagreement with Burak Ozjivit



Turkish artist Neslihan Atagul, star of the daughter of the ambassador, denied that there are differences with the hero of the “Resurrection of Osman” series, Burak Ozgivit, stressing that their relationship is excellent, hoping at the same time that a new dramatic work will bring her together after their success in the series “Blind Love”.

Atagul was also surprised by the news that she talked about the jealousy of the artist, Fahriya Afgan, the wife of Burak Ozjivit, who made fun of these sayings, and refuted a rumor that she did not like her and prevent her husband from praising her or talking about her in his meetings.

Neslihan asked after the circulation of these rumors: “Is this conversation valid with a time when thousands die and millions are infected with the bad Corona virus? What do people care about these stories? Rather than drawing attention to the step of spreading a virus and your endeavor to persuade all Turks to adhere to the home quarantine.”

She explained: “I know Burak and know more substantial, and they both value the successes of their colleagues and have no grudge with their hearts towards anyone, so how about me and I exchange them with a feeling of respect and love.”

She showed: “Burak is a successful star and I shared him with a series of highly successful series, but does this force me to talk about him all the time or is there anyone who ties our names together as if they will keep them together forever?”

And she continued with her talk about the artist: “He does not talk about me and I do not talk about him, and this does not mean that we hate each other, but on the contrary personally, I hope to repeat our experience together. The viewers loved us with a series of blind love.”

On the level of the series “The Daughter of the Ambassador”, Turkish star Neslihan Atagul has a lot of stardom and talk on social media sites, as the sites interested in publishing lists of the most recently revealed that the Turkish star ranked third among the Turkish stars on that list.

It is reported that the Turkish star was recently commenting on the nudity scenes in the series, that she does not like her out of respect for her husband, actor Kadiroglu and her family and relatives, saying: “These scenes disturb me personally and I feel unable to present them.”

Atagul then added: “Not only for my husband, Kadir, and my family, too, which adheres to conservative social customs. I like moderation in everything, neither religious extremism accept it, nor liberation to an unacceptable degree I agree.”

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