Nelly Karim: Too much crying in soap operas caused my eye hernia


She said The star Nelly Karim During her meeting on the Abla Fajita program, on the channel ON which is presented by the puppet Abla Fajita, she presents this year during the Ramadan season a sugar personality in the series “Miya Wush”, a girl who has a quorum of Bulaq, meets with another person who is a quorum, but from Zamalek, who is embodied by the star families Yes, and Nelly confirmed that the series is not from any other series or film.

Nelly added that the crying in the series that she presented during the past years caused her to “hernia in the eye”, which made her undergo eye surgery, and the doctor ordered her to stop crying for a period of six months.

And I went on to say that I love the ban period very much and enjoy it, because I am a person who loves to sit at home, and despite my optimism for the year 2020 at the beginning, I hope that it will pass quickly now.

Through an Egyptian or Russian game that the doll applied the fajita dress with Nelly, it became clear that Nelly tends to the Egyptian a great deal despite the fact that her mother is Russian and has lived in Russia for a period of time, but she loves Egyptian food and when she is fanatic she is fanatical to the Egyptian and sings the Egyptian, but she loves to watch the Russian circus .


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