NASA is preparing to send a new mission to the sun


NASA is preparing to send a new mission to the sun


                    Vitaly Timkiv

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The American NASA announced that it is preparing a new space mission that will study solar storms.

American scientists developed the SunRISE program to study how storms form on the sun and protect astronauts who will visit the moon and Mars from them.

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“We are pleased to add a new mission to our space fleet. This mission will help us in clarifying how the sun affects the cosmic space that connects the planets of our solar system,” said a statement published by the NASA press office.

“Our knowledge of space weather and the influence of the sun on it helps us protect our astronauts and spacecraft from this influence,” said Nikki Fox, president of the American Sun Physics Association.

“We will launch 6 micro-satellites that will operate as a single telescope that monitors the sun and the storms that occur on them. We have received from the government $ 62.6 million to achieve the project, knowing that the satellites will be launched on July 1, 2023.”

Scientists plan to draw, with SunRISE satellites, three-dimensional maps of the regions of the sun, which are sources of space disturbances and solar storms.

Source: Tass


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