Nancy Ajram and her husband, Fadi Al-Hashem, salute the Lebanese doctors and nurses


The Lebanese star participated Nancy Ajram In the calls of the Lebanese, by sending greetings and applause to the Lebanese doctors and nursing teams in Lebanon for their efforts in combating the Corona virus and the great effort they are making to protect the health of the Lebanese.

Nancy Ajram said, “For all the doctors, nurses, and all the medical staff, you deserve more than a heck, a big big hook for Elaine,” and she applauded on her balcony, with her husband, Dr. Fadi Hashem.

Nancy Ajram and her husband
Nancy Ajram and her husband

The Lebanese star Ragheb Alama had issued an invitation several days ago to salute the medical crews, who are in the front rows to fight the new deadly Corona virus, he posted a video sign while he was standing on his balcony with his wife, applauding the medical staff.

Alama commented on his video, saying: “Zapat for the heroes, may God protect you all”, while Yara and Miriam Fares both responded to the invitation, and each posted a video via their “Instagram” applauding to the Lebanese medical staff for its fight against the Corona virus.

Nancy Ajram wrote today on “Twitter”: “Lord, we do not know what is coming, but we put our lives in your hands and we trust that you are with us, take care of us and protect us.”

The star Nancy Ajram spends her time in the house isolation imposed by the Corona virus on everyone to prevent the transmission of infection with her daughters and her family, noting that she was at home two weeks ago and at the beginning it was difficult time to pass but now she has adapted to the situation.

Nancy talked in one of the television interviews, about how she spends time at home, saying: “I am entertaining at home, I have many things to do with her work, and when she feels, you have to be held.


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