Naked Municipality announces the registration of the first case of “Corona” in its scope


The municipality of Nakedia announced the registration of the first case of “Corona” in its scope, noting that “the woman is currently in good health and we wish her a speedy recovery, and that the infection was transmitted to her through her work as a nurse.”She clarified, in a statement, that “Mayor of Naked Pierre Al-Bijani reported the case at noon today, April 1, 2020, through the Baabda district doctor appointed by the Ministry of Health. The patient was contacted immediately and was very cooperative to give the municipality all the necessary information to take some preventive measures, so it was taken All measures include sterilization of her place of residence, street sterilization, and the naked municipality monitored the people I met during the past two days and asked them to stone themselves in the houses. “

She indicated that she is “working with the” rapid intervention team “in the town to keep pace with the families who are stranded in their homes and secure all their daily needs, calling on all their children and residents to stay with their homes and not mix with anyone at the moment, in line with general mobilization procedures, and medical directives on the necessity of commitment By socializing, and informing us or the Lebanese Red Cross when suspicious of any symptoms of corona, “I ask God that this crisis passes well,” wishing all the “injured in Lebanon and the patient in naked a speedy recovery.”

National Agency


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