Najwa Karam advises her fans of the recommendations of psychologists to deal with Corona news


The artist participated Najwa KaramSome important recommendations from psychologists, in light of the home stone imposed by the Corona virus in many countries around the world, due to the non-transmission of infection.

The recommendations published by Najwa Karam, which were circulated through the social media, included the necessity of isolating the person himself from the news about the Corona virus, as all that you want to know is now known, not to search for the number of dead, and to avoid sending frightening and frustrating messages, which may increase mental illness in Some are like depression.

Najwa Karam
Najwa Karam

The recommendations added, that a positive mood will help protect the immune system, a necessity that always reminds us of prevention methods.

Recommendations of psychologists
Recommendations of psychologists

Najwa Karam thanked the Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, for the kind gesture of evacuating the stranded nationals of sisterly and friendly countries from the Chinese province of Hubei to the UAE.Najwa Karam said: “The humanity of the world was not devoid of humanity, because it gave birth to Sheikh” Mohammed bin Zayed.

It is noteworthy that Najwa Karam recently released a new clip called “I love your details”, which achieved great success and high viewing rates, was filmed and accomplished “Live” and on the air, in several Lebanese regions at the same time led by director Walid Nassif, the song is written by Ahmed Mady, Composed by Adel El-Iraqi and distributed by Tony Saba.


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