Nadine Nassib Njeim participates with the LBCI in a campaign to count the 10 … people’s lives are not a game in our hands


Lebanese actress and former Miss Lebanon Nadine Nassib Njeim shared her experience with false news, as part of a campaign to count the ten launched by LBCI in cooperation with the United Nations Development Program.And in a post on her official account on Instagram, Nadine Nassib Njeim wrote: “We ask me to tell about the topic of being from the following people.

Miss Lebanon for the year 2004 explained how fake news is another aspect of propaganda or what is called “propaganda”, and she added: “Some people think that bad publicity is good publicity! False! False wrong! False news is currently taking a lot of space on social media despite Ease of publishing and speed of spreading it also has a degree of risk in spreading hateful propaganda.And she added: “Did you ask yourself the extent of the impact of this fake news on the owners of it? Did you ask yourselves that the people we talk about are real people who have their feelings, their lives, their families, their future, their livelihood, their image, their dignity … Did you ask yourselves that the days may turn around and become us Those who are attacked without information and accused without evidence, reap the admiration of the idiots. ”

Nadine Nassib Njeim continued: “… the time has come to limit and prevent these false news that we do not follow those who publish it, do not like it, do not contribute to the publication of what our eyes did not see and our heart believes that we do not harm and destroy the lives of others because people’s lives are not a game in our hands that we do not have.” .

She concluded her publication: “It is time that we stop stimulating false news financially and morally … Do not condemn so as not to be condemned to count ten.”

Nadine Najim also invited her followers to contribute with her by spreading awareness through their pages and across Al-Sattori, and she will re-publish the content on her page.


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