Nadim Karam and Akram Zaatari: a dialogue on Instagram


At 4:30 pm today, Tuesday, a live discussion opens on the page of the Lebanese engineer and artist and theorist Nadim Karam (1957) on Instagram, brought together by the visual artist and Lebanese director Akram Zaatari (1966 – photo). Years ago, the duo met by chance on a plane flying from Brussels to Beirut. The conversation between them extended to cover many topics, especially the works of Zaatari, which Karam confirms that he admires since he first saw it in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. According to Karam, Zaatari’s work is an exercise to move on the edge between reality and imagination: “He creates his own poetic expression using various archives and multimedia, such as photography and video,” he says on social media. Through the social media, Karam invites everyone to join the prospective virtual meeting that will be abandoned by “reflections on personal memory, valuable properties and home daily diaries.” (page link)


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