Nadia Al Jundi publishes her pictures behind the scenes of the series “Sukar Ziyada”


The artist Nadia Al-Jundi has published pictures of her behind the scenes of the series “Sukar Ziyada”, which will be shown next Ramadan.

Nadia wrote, through her account on Instagram: “Morning optimism and hope … From the scenes of filming the series” Sugar Ziada “, Ramadan 2020.

“Sugar Ziada”, is inspired by the famous series “The golden girls”, and its events take place inside a villa where all the heroes of the series are forced to reside in it after they were exposed to a monument, and each of them tries to acquire the villa and get rid of the rest of the population, which explodes a lot of fun and unconventional situations.

The series is written by Amin Jamal, directed by Wael Ihsan and co-starring with Nabila Abid and Nadia Al-Jundi, the able artist Samiha Ayoub and Hala Fakher, in addition to a large number of stars who appear as honorary guests, including Ahmed Al-Saqa, Bayoumi Fouad, Jumana Murad, Rogina, and meeting Khamisi. Abdul Baset Hammouda, Hamdi Al-Mirghani, Sabri Fawaz, Suleiman Eid and Badria Tolba.


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