Naama discussed with the Health Committee the coverage of insurance companies for hospitalization from Corona


In the Grand Serail, Minister of Economy Raoul Naama met with the Parliamentary Health Committee, and the issue of insurance companies ’coverage of hospitalization from the Corona virus was discussed. A statement issued by his blessings indicated that “contrary to what has been circulated to some media, the information that was submitted to the Supervisory Committees Supervision Committee indicates that the number of people who have medical insurance products is equal to 840,000, of whom more than 466,000 have coverage of the costs of corona treatment. Inside the hospital, that is, more than 55%, knowing that foreign workers ’insurance contracts provide this coverage without exception, up to an annual financial ceiling of 35 million LL.

And his blessings stressed that “all parties play their role in providing the appropriate support in view of the economic and living conditions that Lebanon is going through,” and he wished that “insurance companies consider the status of the content, and private hospitals should set acceptable and reasonable price tables,” and stressed “the government’s role in activating oversight.” On all components of the health system in Lebanon. ”


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