Muhammad Waheed: Corona’s crisis is redefining the world’s priorities and will revitalize technology, health and education


Entrepreneur Mohamed Waheed, Chairman of Catalyst Company and founder of the Quality E-Commerce Platform, said that the crisis the world is experiencing as a result of the spread of the new Corona Virus “Covid 19” will have many effects and aspects, the most important of which is the vision that governs the world economy and trade system, and the scales The current forces and priorities will be rearranged, so that the health, education and technology sectors will overtake other old priorities.

The founder of the first electronic market for trade in Egyptian products added that the current epidemic revealed the fragility of the system in place in the management of the production system and the mechanisms of trade and the circulation of goods and services. less important. Continuing: “A large share of the workforce and productive capacities, in addition to the blockage of traditional trade paths, are disrupted, which will necessarily lead to the development of production patterns and the circulation of goods and services, whether by dismantling the major industrial centers into smaller units distributed to countries on all continents of the world, or maximizing the bet on projects.” Small and limited production and home, leading to the development and growth of levels of e-commerce and independent operating programs and remote work, and most importantly, the re-arrangement of national and global priorities again. ”

The head of the Catalyst, which specializes in entrepreneurship and innovative solutions for trade and services, explained that the most severe problems of the epidemic are the failure of the health system in almost all countries to absorb the pressure arising from the crisis, the inability of scientific research centers to be proactive or swift to deal with them, as well as damage the educational process in All countries and more than 700 million pupils stay in their homes, which are challenges that will impose on all governments to pay attention to technology and information and to enhance their infrastructure to allow the expansion of e-education, trade and distance work, while stimulating educational and scientific institutions qualitatively and establishing The capabilities of scientific research and innovation.

Entrepreneur Mohamed Waheed stressed that the immediate effects after the end of the crisis will be clearly evident in some vital sectors, such as transportation, tourism and entertainment, as hundreds of millions of people will be thirsty for their usual lifestyles, but besides that it will create levels of consumption expenditures that have been locked into restrictions and precautionary measures in demand. Huge goods and services, but thanks to the culture of the current crisis, most of this demand will go to markets and e-commerce platforms, which is an important opportunity for manufacturers, producers and owners of small projects to develop the size of their activities, and improve their access to more markets and consumers And for the world.

It is worth noting that Muhammad Waheed, a young entrepreneur, launched a number of pioneering projects over fifteen years, and achieved many successes in the sectors of trade, real estate and services, and recently he founded his new project represented by “Catalyst” company specialized in entrepreneurship and innovative solutions for trade and services, which It launched its first brand at the end of last January through the Jouda platform for e-commerce, the first digital market for Egyptian products trade, which opened the door for exhibitors registration by announcing a package of marketing and service benefits, and a wide network of partners, distributors and providers of transportation services and cash payment systems The electronic network, as well as training, qualification and technical support programs for entrepreneurs and small projects, while “Waheed” said in previous press statements that “Catalyst” is planning during the coming period to launch more leading brands in the areas of smart transportation services and independent operating platforms, as it seeks to conclude agreements and alliances With industrial partners from Egypt and several regional countries, in order to enhance support and support opportunities for businessmen, and to facilitate access of Egyptian products to foreign markets, leading to the establishment of an integrated regional market that will act as an incubator for small projects, with a view to developing productive and commercial capabilities, and consoling Revenue and growth opportunities emerging economies, Arab and African two regions.


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