Muhammad Imam in an exciting statement: Muhammad Ramadan was making a tiger when he asked to represent a scene with his parents


The star Mohammed Imam made controversial statements about his relationship with the star artist Mohamed Ramadan, and how close they are to each other, and also revealed for the first time that the artist Mohamed Ramadan asked to appear before the leader Adel Imam.

In response to the statements of the star, Mohamed Ramadan, about his request to him, with the participation of the leader, Adel Imam, with him as a guest of honor in one of the artworks, Muhammad Imam said that he wrote in his history that he personified a character in front of him, saying: “Ramadan really said and spoke to me, but I am saying to Aboya.”

In statements to the Lebanese media Rabie Heneidy, an imam continued: “He speaks, making a tigress, and is frustrated, and he says it with a behemoth and a bezel, but I told you, Abu Adil Imam, and because we were acquaintances and acquaintances.”

He added: “Ramadan, my love, we were one group. He, he and Haitham Zaki, but the circumstances of the world divided us even though I admire his last songs, but I am very focused in acting. His cell is a star in the rich and I am a star in the cinema.”

Muhammad Imam
Muhammad Imam

The artist Muhammad Ramadan had revealed his request from the leader, Adel Imam, to stand before him as an honorary guest in a work of art in a telephone call to his son Muhammad, stressing that he wishes to present the personality of the late artist Ahmed Zaki in an artwork.

Ramadan said in a previous interview with the journalist writer Rabie Heneidy: “Professor Adel Imam met us more than once and hosted me at his home. I got to know Ahmed Muqbel, his daughter’s husband and Professor Issam Imam Siddiqui and my technical advisor, who is a great experience man, and the leader is greater than all the skills that are said, and it is difficult to work together. Because of the mass production, if the producer paid me my wages and the leader, he would not have to live his life after that. “


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