Mortality numbers are rising again in the United States


Corona virus returned to record large numbers of daily deaths in the United States, Tuesday, but hope remains in light of a decline in the numbers of infected people.

The United States of America recorded 2,109 deaths during the past 20 hours, taking the total number to 44,623.

And the decline in injury numbers continued across the United States, with 16,856 recorded until Tuesday afternoon, bringing the total number to 809 thousand and 615 injuries, about 82 thousand of whom recovered.

The pace of the epidemic in the United States remains the fastest in the world. 22 million Americans lost their jobs due to the epidemic.

The US state of Massachusetts has become the focus of the Corona virus outbreak in the country, which has caused concern of federal officials.

Deaths due to Covid-19 infection are expected to exceed the margin of two thousand people this week in Massachusetts, as officials rush to increase hospital capacity and track and monitor new cases to curb the spread of the disease.

US Vice President Mike Pence said the White House was closely following the Boston area, and the coordinator of the Federal Group to deal with Corona, physician Deborah Perks, said officials were “very attentive” to Massachusetts.

With the number of hospital admissions and deaths in New York, the epicenter of the virus in the United States, declining, Democratic State Governor Andrew Como has pledged to send 400 ventilators to Massachusetts, if necessary.

The number of newly infected coronavirus in the world has exceeded 2.5 million, more than eighty percent of them in Europe and the United States.


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