Mortada Mansour calls for “the Supreme Media to stop the program” Ramiz Majnun


07:29 PM

Monday 27 April 2020

Books – Ahmad Al-Hawari:

Counselor Mortada Mansour, Chairman of the Board of Zamalek and a member of the House of Representatives, said that he made a formal complaint to Makram Mohamed Ahmed, head of the Supreme Council for Media Regulation, calling for the suspension of the “Ramez Majnoon Rasmi” program broadcast on MBC, explaining that the artist Ramiz Jalal is not bound by the Media Syndicate. To present his program as well as to provide unlawful content other than his recognition as an official insane.

According to the official website of the Zamalek Club, the club’s president reinforced his complaint with full documents and a CD-ROM proving the validity of his complaint, and Mansour said that the invited person had intentionally committed acts considered crimes punishable by law.

Counselor Mortada Mansour also submitted a request to the Minister of Health and Director of the Mental and Mental Hospital, to detain the artist Ramiz Jalal in the hospital, because of his program, and addressed a letter to the Public Prosecutor requesting an investigation with the presenter and his team.

The Psychiatric and Mental Hospital issued a statement calling on the counselor, the Attorney General and the Supreme Media Council to open an urgent investigation and stop the program.


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