More than 40,000 people without symptoms … a new Chinese approach to detecting invisible Corona patients


On Wednesday, China’s health authorities began recording cases of the emerging coronavirus, which had no symptoms of the disease, according to government media.
The move is part of an effort to calm citizens’ fears that these people will cause the virus to spread without knowing they are infected.

China, the epicenter of the virus late last year, managed to control it, and began easing restrictions on movement in the areas hardest hit by the epidemic.

However, there are fears that thousands of people will return to their daily lives after the isolation ends, without knowing that they are carrying the virus because they have not had any symptoms and have not undergone a medical examination.
The South China Morning Post, citing unofficial documents, said more than 40,000 people had no symptoms.
The National Health Commission says that all cases infected with the virus, which did not show symptoms, will be subjected to quarantine for 14 days.

China has recorded more than 81,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus, and 3,305 deaths.

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