More injuries between 20 and 29 years!


Out of 252 laboratory tests conducted yesterday, the Ministry of Health announced the registration of 17 new cases of the emerging corona virus, bringing the total number of infections since February 21 to 463 cases, and the current number of infected cases reached 414 after the number of recovery cases rose to 37, while the number of deaths To 12, according to the Ministry of Information website’s virus website numbers.Al-Matn district continues to record the highest percentage of injuries (99), bypassing Beirut (89) and Kesrwan (58). It is noteworthy that 22% of injuries (the highest percentage) range between the ages of 20 and 29 years, while only 3% of cases belong to persons over the age of eighty years, knowing that there are 1174 people subject to quarantine in various regions, 354 of them in the Mount Lebanon region, followed by Akkar ranks second (346).
Yesterday, the report of the “National Operations Room for Disaster Management” indicated that the number of hospitals equipped to receive the injured or suspected of injury increased to 14, after the Ministry of Health announced the joining of seven government hospitals (Nabatiyeh, Machghara, Hermel, Bushra, Bint Jbeil, Tripoli and Halba) to hospitals. The three government agencies currently operating (Rafic Hariri, University University, Baalbek, and Bouar). This brings the total number of government hospitals equipped with ten, in addition to the four private hospitals equipped (American University of Beirut, Hotel Dieu, Aid and Roma).
According to what the Minister of Health, Hamad Hassan previously announced, a new “batch” of government hospitals will be announced this week, to be supplied in the regions, with equipment and supplies arriving consecutively within a period of one to four weeks.

The number of hospitals equipped to receive injured or suspected patients has reached 14

It is known that raising the readiness of government hospitals increases the ability to perform laboratory tests devoted to detecting the virus, which – in conjunction with the commitment to quarantine and closure measures – will contribute to strengthening the epidemiological surveillance process and controlling the spread of the virus.
Meanwhile, strict measures continue to apply the general mobilization decision, and according to the report of the National Operations Room for Disaster Management, the Lebanese army closed 234 shops and dispersed 32 popular commercial groups in Beirut, Tripoli, the Bekaa and Baalbek, and it also closed the entrances to Nahr al-Bared camp except for the entrances to Abda and Muhamara . As of yesterday noon, the number of records that the Internal Security Forces had seized against institutions and individuals in conflict with the number reached 252, while the General Security Directorate accompanied two delegations from the High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to inspect the camps for displaced Syrians in Marjayoun and Hasbaya, in the context of setting a pre-emptive plan to secure rooms Quarantine in the event of a virus outbreak.


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