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Belgian soccer team defender Thomas Monier has expressed his desire to stay with his French club Paris Saint-Germain, whose contract ends with him next summer, explaining that it will not be a “losing deal” for the teams interested in his services.

“Everyone knows that my main goal is to always stay in Paris, I am very calm at the present time. We will see what will happen from now until the end of the season,” Monier said in a statement via live video technology to Radio RTBF (French radio and television, Belgium). “.

The former Belgian club Bruges player explained that the rumors of his move to German Borussia Dortmund next season are not confirmed, and said: “I have seen many articles linking me to Tottenham (English) or Inter (Milan) and also to Dortmund, but their fans are always showing interest More. I don’t understand this obsession. ”

He emphasized in a comic tone that if his adventure in Paris was over, many clubs could be interested in his services.

He added: “A free player, an international in the first team in the world (in the FIFA rankings), 28 years old, cannot be a losing deal. They will not lose a lot of money, but they will win it and the clubs know that.”

Monier indicated that he hopes to complete the current season suspended due to the outbreak of Corona virus, where his team Paris Saint-Germain leads the domestic league, and qualified for the final match of the domestic cup competitions and the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

The Belgian said: “It could be a great season if all matches resume,” stressing that the Parisian team “on paper” has “a team that can go to the end” in the European competition.

Monier explained that he spent “very wonderful” moments with his wife and three children during the period of self-quarantine. He said: “Seeing our children 24 hours a day is a blessing, and I feel a lot of fun being with them at home.”

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