Mohamed Mohy Releases The Second Song Of His Album “Bataa Zaman”


Egyptian artist Mohamed Mohy presented his second new song, “Fouad Amry”, through the audio service of one of the telecom companies that undertakes the lyric works for him.

Mohi collaborated with the lyric poet Ashraf Amin and composed it himself, the music arrangement by Mohamed El-Ashi, Mix Mahmoud Ezzat, and the master by Amir Mahrous.

“My authority is commissioned” is the second for him from his new album “Bata’a Zaman” after the success of his first song “Sahranin” and achieving high visibility.

Mohy’s new album includes 18 songs in which he collaborates with a group of Egyptian poets and composers, and his first lyrical work in nearly 12 years, when he released an oppressed album in 2008.

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