Microsoft is facing a problem about increasing the demand for its cloud services


Agencies (Echo):

Microsoft is witnessing a huge increase in its cloud services in conjunction with the spreading epidemic, while the company announced that requests have witnessed an increase of 775% in its cloud services in the regions that imposed social dispersal or a curfew. This increase includes Windows Virtual Desktop usage and a significant increase on Microsoft Teams, Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Live and Mixer platforms. Microsoft

The company decided to adjust its cloud services to fit that, and Xbox published a message saying, “To simplify supervision and ensure the best experience for our community, we are making small adjustments.”

The company continued in its message that it has temporarily suspended the ability to upload images dedicated to players and social clubs, the current Xbox games will work fine, but Microsoft is trying to reduce the load on the supervision team that checks for new downloads during the overall increase in Xbox Live activity.

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Source: Echo newspaper


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